Sublingual Delivery Benefits

Sublingual and buccal delivery provides non-invasive systemic delivery of drugs, proteins and peptides. Delivery applications include therapeutics for pain management, anxiety, seizure, sedatives, cardiovascular, allergy, dietary supplements and vaccines.

Benefits for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers:

  • Mono-dose or multi-dose dispenser configurations (disposable, reloadable)
  • Calibrated, consistent and precise dose delivery
  • Adjustable dispenser actuation force
  • Tamper resistant packaging
  • Superior barrier properties for shelf stability
  • Liquid, powder and reconstituted powder configuration options
  • Cost competitive unit dose packaging

Benefits for Patients:

  • Patient-centric dispenser design simplified self administration
  • Abuse resistant design
  • Side actuation dispense design to facilitate patient ease of use
  • Designed for self or caregiver based administration
  • No device priming required
  • Compact and easy to carry