cGMP Commercial Supply

services03As a growing technology and service provider to a diverse clientele, we understand that no two products are alike. This concept extends into the commercial product supply chain. For this reason, we are committed to the providing the specific commercial supply configuration to suit your needs, rather than present a one-size-fits-all supply strategy. Commercial scale MVP™ process manufacturing can be tailored to meet the specific supply chain requirements of the product, from segmented processing to fully integrated process from compounding through final packaging.

MVP™ Manufacturing Process

To serve the needs of a diverse marketplace, lot sizes up to one million unit doses per day per production line are possible with our VersiDoser Production (MVP™) process technologies. Our flexible approach to commercial product supply means that finished product requirement can be met in a variety of ways, including:

Product Owner Manufacture

MVP™ unit-dose manufacturing asset tailored for integration into existing customer factories and systems. Our novel manufacturing processes can be licensed into your production facilities, and include the transfer of manufacturing knowledge to ensure you achieve the product quality you require.

Third-party Alliances

Mystic is expanding strategic alliances with world class pharmaceutical contract manufacturers for the provision of turnkey commercial product supply services. Our experienced technology transfer team collaborates to ensure that scale up and site transfer activities happen effectively, and that client needs are met. Third-party manufacturers are selected on the basis of their capability to cost-effectively provide highly reliable manufacturing services in compliance with stringent industry requirements.

Mystic Commercial Supply

Mystic is continuously growing its capacity to supply finished goods at commercial scale on behalf of our clients.