Ophthalmic Delivery Systems

VersiDoser® Ophthalmic Delivery Systems employ a patient-centric design to facilitate self-administration, ease of use and compliance. We have developed custom ophthalmic delivery systems for packaging and dispensing therapeutics for glaucoma, macular degeneration, allergy, dry eye, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory indications.

Our ergonomic design simplifies patient usage, reducing administration errors and waste typically found with traditional eye drop delivery devices. These unique capabilities provide superior cost economics for patients, third party payors and drug manufacturers.

Key performance features of all our VersiDoser Ophthalmic Delivery Systems include:

  • Unit dose aseptic packaging for preservative free formulations
  • Sterility assurance throughout the “in use” product life
  • Precise dosing that can be calibrated to a specified dose volume between 5 µL to 30 µL with ultra low variability
  • Orientation independent device operation
  • One or two handed operation with adjustable actuation force
  • No device priming required
  • Automatic dose counter
  • Configurable dispense (droplets, stream or spray)
  • Metal free fluid delivery path
  • High efficiency blister packaging reducing drug waste by up to 80%
  • Tamper resistant packaging

Dramatic Cost Reduction

Our VersiDoser® delivery systems offer highly efficiency packaging for the same number of doses reducing drug waste by as much as 70-80%, and reducing overall cost of goods manufactured by as much as 65% compared to traditional packaging and delivery device options currently available.

We can provide you with a packaging cost comparison analysis for your product.

Several of these systems include:



  • 2 dose cartridge reloadable
  • Optional & replaceable eyecup
  • 4 dose onboard storage
  • 360 dose “in use” cycle
  • Compact design footprint



  • 14 to 24 dose cartridge reloadable
  • Optional & replaceable eyecup
  • 360 dose “in use” cycle
  • Compact design footprint
  • One or two handed operation



  • 62 dose or 72 dose capacity
  • Disposable device
  • Replaceable eyecup
  • One or two handed operation