Intranasal Delivery Systems

IND5,2-Tip-OnVersiDoser® and VRx2™ precision metered dose intranasal delivery systems are designed for non-invasive systemic delivery of drugs or biologics via the nasal route. Nasal delivery applications include pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and biologics for pain management, migraine crisis, hormone replacement, seizures, emesis, anxiety & depression, hypoglycemia & diabetes, growth deficiency, proteins & peptides, vaccines, immunomodulators and biomedical countermeasures.

IND5,2-In-HandMystic’s nasal delivery systems utilize a novel unit dose blister technology that can be precisely calibrated to deliver a targeted dose in liquid or powder form. VersiDoser® liquid nasal delivery systems can be calibrated to dispense a precise dose volume across a range of 25 to 150 μl. VRx2™ powder delivery systems can be configured to auto-reconstitute a powder to a liquid within the device at the time of self administration or dispensed a packaged powder as a powder and do not require an external motive force such as compressed gas. Auto-recombination of two separately packaged liquids at the time of self-administration is also supported.

VersiDoser® and VRx2™ nasal delivery systems are available in a variety of disposable, reloadable, mono-dose and multi-dose configurations.
Each dose is individually packaged in our novel unit dose blister and pre-loaded into a device or into a cartridge that can be easily loaded into the device by the end user prior to use. Our engineered multi-layered aluminum foil laminates provide exceptional barrier properties against oxygen, water vapor, light transmission and microbial contamination to ensure long-term stability and sterility of the product in both nominal and austere environmental conditions.

Key performance features of all our VersiDoser® and VRx2™ nasal delivery solutions include:

  • Precise dosing that can be calibrated to a specified dose volume
  • Unit dose aseptic packaging for preservative free formulations
  • Primary containers can be terminally sterilized if required
  • Side actuation dispenser device for ease of use
  • No device priming required
  • User independent device actuation
  • Dose counter
  • Configurable spray plume (stream, spray, aerosolized spray)
  • Metal free fluid delivery path
  • Tamper resistant packaging
  • “Lock Up” design to prevent mis-use or re-purposing after use
  • Compact design form factor making the device easy to store, transport and carry
  • Intuitive design and operation facilitates first use
  • Commercially scalable, cost efficient design for manufacturing

ArrowFish™ Nasal Delivery Systems


Additional dispenser configurations are available – please Contact Us.