Product Integration

technology02VersiDoser® and VRx2™ Delivery Platforms employ a modular engineering approach that enable us to rapidly optimize a delivery system solution in combination with a specific drug or biologic to meet targeted product profile requirements. The result is a customized solution that does not require the long lead times and costs traditionally associated with the development of a proprietary delivery system program. This custom engineering approach requires up-front diligence for each drug/device we develop, but ensures optimum results for the patient and the manufacturer.We strongly encourage formulators and product development teams to engage with us as early as possible in the product development cycle. The diverse range of capabilities offered by our delivery platforms often provides product developers with alternatives to product formulation, route of administration and dosing volume that may not be an option with alternative delivery and packaging solutions.

Our product integration process combines your drug or biologic with a VersiDoser® or VRx2™ delivery system to produce an optimized drug/device combination product.The process starts first with open discussions between you and our product integration team. When our platform is determined suitable for a partner’s needs, we initiate a formal engagement by requesting the partner to complete a requirements survey. Based on this input, we provide a detailed proposal outlining a recommended delivery system and unit dose packaging configuration. Our proposal addresses the deliverables and services needed to evaluate primary container contact compatibility, technical performance, micro evaluation, stability testing, consumer acceptance, or other study parameters.

Our objective is to enable your combination drug/device product to be best in class, meeting all technical and market specifications. With that in mind, our delivery system solutions undergo a final integration and optimization process once the drug or biologic and technical and marketing product specifications have been determined. Unlike traditional cap and bottle or vial and valve spray dispensers marketed by our competitors our delivery systems are produced after we have worked with you to determine the preferred product profile. Our product integration process is intended to accomplish this final optimization process, working within the business parameters of our partners to ensure that information is exchanged and results are obtained as efficiently as possible.