Ophthalmic Delivery Benefits


We have developed custom ophthalmic delivery systems for packaging and dispensing therapeutics for glaucoma, macular degeneration, allergy, dry eye, anti-infectives and anti-inflammatory indications. Our patient-centric design features make VersiDoser® and VRx2™ delivery systems easier to use for elderly, pediatric or physically challenged patient populations, and provide a number of cost and performance advantages for manufacturers.

Benefits For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers:

  • Enables preservative-free multi-dose
  • Superior dose range (5 µL and greater)
  • Superior drug volume efficiency among PF options
  • Variety of dispenser configurations (disposable, reloadable)
  • Product sterility ensured throughout the “in use” cycle
  • Precise dispense tailored to product/market requirements
  • Superior moisture/gas barrier properties
  • Dispenser ergonomics tailored to target user group
  • Tamper resistant packaging
  • Competitive differentiation and product life extension

Benefits For Patients:

  • Ergonomics dispenser design simplifies self administration
  • Minimize common dosing errors
  • Key features facilitate adherence to prescription regimen
  • Sensory feedback for confidence in dose delivery
  • No device priming
  • Orientation independent dispenser operation
  • User independent actuation
  • Automatic dose counter
  • Precise, consistent dose delivery