Adherence Packaging

shutterstock_156648317With rising costs and an aging population driving healthcare innovation, improvements in drugs, elderly patient compliance and product manufacturing are sought both by consumers and by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Adherence packaging is an important, effective way to improve the patient’s product experience and provide such efficiencies and health benefits. A recent review by the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council ( describes how specialized adherence packaging measurably impacts patient persistency, refill adherence and clinical outcomes.

Improving the patient experience can influence adherence and compliance leading to positive impacts on:

  • Drug safety
  • Efficacy
  • Compliance
  • Patient health benefits
  • Manufacturer competitive differentiation
  • Manufacturer brand loyalty

The pharmaceutical industry is moving toward adherence packaging as a way to improve patient compliance and subsequent therapeutic results. Combining packaging with delivery systems is one way that manufacturers can achieve these objectives.”

Packaging Strategies
July 31, 2011

We strive to be a market leader in the development of packaging and delivery solutions that integrate the evolving principles of adherence packaging design to improve the patient’s experience with pharmaceutical products. We provide manufacturers unique, effective packaging and delivery solutions designed to reduce medication errors and support appropriate product dosing for ophthalmic, intranasal and other routes of administration for drugs and biologics