Delivery Platforms: VersiDoser® and VRx2™

Patient-Centric Drug Delivery: The Shifting Focus Of Drug Product Development drug delivery technology ,plays an expanding role in the overall strategy for improving the patient health outcomes. Novel packaging and delivery technology can enable medications that would not otherwise be feasible, reduce drug waste, improve ease of use, and even provide useful information to the patient, such as embedded dose reminders and regimen tracking aids.

Developing commercial products that improve the overall experience of the patient, especially those that increase the likelihood of adherence with the medication protocol is a cornerstone in the effort to improve outcomes for people who require the use of medicines, particularly when those people will selfadminister the medicine over long periods of time. Understanding how the patient uses his or her medicine is a crucial part of the integrated product development cycle.

Improving the patient experience can influence adherence and compliance,, leading to improved health outcomes, aligning the interests of the patient, third party payors, physician and pharmaceutical manufacturer. These important benefits further drive advantages to the manufacturer, such as competitive differentiation and brand loyalty.

,Mystic has innovated two unique delivery platforms to solve a variety of patient adherence,, drug delivery and package performance challenges. Our VersiDoser® Delivery Platform is designed to package and deliver liquid drugs, biopharmaceuticals and biologics, while the VRx2™ Delivery Platform is designed for powders or reconstituted powders.

VersiDoser® Delivery Platform

The VersiDoser® Delivery Platform is designed to package and deliver liquid drugs, biopharmaceuticals and biologics. With proprietary Vjet™ nozzle dispensing technology, VersiDoser dispensers provide precise, efficient and safe dosing of liquids across a wide range of volumes and fluid properties.

VRx2™ Delivery Platform

The VRx2™ Delivery Platform is designed to package and deliver powders and combination liquids.
Also using Vjet™ dispensing technology, the VRx2 offers unit dose packaging of powders dispensed as
powder, or auto-reconstituted inside the device, and dispensed as a liquid as an integrated aspect of the
device operation by the patient.

Mystic provides delivery system configurations for small molecules, peptides, proteins and biologics spanning ophthalmic, systemic nasal, nose to brain, sublingual, buccal, otic and dermal applications. Click here to learn more about our options for device configurations.

Our platforms are cost competitive at commercial scale volumes compared to traditional pharmaceutical packaging solutions such as blow fill seal containers, bottles or vials. Both the VersiDoser® and VRx2™ delivery platforms offer a variety of device configurations including disposable or reloadable multi-dose, bi-dose or mono-dose options; and both platforms are designed for optimization to meet your targeted product and market requirements.