Biosecurity countermeasures that can be rapidly manufactured, deployed and self-administered offer a compelling solution to protecting large populations in both developed and developing nations. Mystic’s VersiDoser® and VRx2™ delivery platforms are readily adaptable to public health needs, including rapid manufacturing, deployment and administration of vaccines, anti-virals and biomedical countermeasures for infectious disease and bio-terror threats across large populations under crisis conditions.

The challenge of protecting large civilian populations against such threats is further complicated by the logistical storage and deployment requirements for many vaccines and medical countermeasures. Requirements for stockpiling, cold chain management, reliance on professionally trained healthcare personnel for administration, and ultra rapid response time to reduce morbidity and mortality pose daunting challenges when responding to a pandemic event or bioterror crisis.

Our Approach

Mystic’s VersiDoser® and VRx2™ delivery platforms minimizes logistical burdens and costs by providing:

Rapid Fill/Finish Manufacturing Capability

MVP™ production systems can be scaled to produce up to one million unit doses per day per production line. This rapid manufacturing capability provides the option to rapidly package countermeasures such as vaccines in ready to use final form once a threat has been verified and an effective drug or vaccine has been selected. This approach can dramatically reduce the costs associated with producing and maintaining large stockpiles of biomedical countermeasures and improve the probability of deploying an efficacious countermeasure.

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Non-Invasively Administered Products

Countermeasures combined with non-invasive delivery systems such as nasal devices can be self administered or administered by a trained professional. This approach provides flexible and rapid deployment options and reduces the dependencies and demands on a healthcare infrastructure operating in a crisis situation.IND5,2-In-Hand

Cost Effective Packaging and Delivery

Unlike conventional intramuscular or subcutanenous syringe delivery traditionally used for vaccines, both the VersiDoser® and VRx2™ delivery platforms utilize a design that separates the primary unit dose container with the drug or biologic from the dispenser device. This ‘loosely coupled’ design provides flexible options for storage and transport, reducing storage volume requirements by as much as 88% over medications packaged in traditional delivery systems for the same number of doses. When stockpiling is required, this approach reduces the cost of inventory rotation and disposal of expired product.


Mystic is working with pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, academic institutions, research organizations and government to develop the next generation of biomedical countermeasures to protect Global Health.